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2012 Blog Posts:

Adding a sitemp (HTML) and increased Pagerank

2011 Blog Posts:

Tips & Tricks: Let SEO People Make Your Backlinks
Google Pagerank and Google Toolbar
Wordpress 3.2 Released - Release notes
Blogger down
Google doesn't give **** about your sites content
How I Made My First Million With Google Adsense
How To Add BBCode Signature To Your Profile
How To Make Free SEO Logo
Google Wordpress Plugin For Webmasters
How To Make A Perfect Blog Post
Google Page Speed Online
9 Free Web Tools To Analyze Your Site For Better SEO
Best Of SEO Links
Twitter Promotion Is A Joke
How To Pick A Best Domain Name
5 Tips To Keep Your Site Exciting To Visitors
5 Other Reasons To Edit Your Old Blog Posts
5 Good Reasons To Edit Old Blog Posts
Top 5 Blogger Tips To Get More Visitors
Learning SEO on Twitter
Easy To Find Pagerank and Social Bookmarks
SEO Pick Of The Day - Blogger Hacks
Is 100 Links Still Valid?
SEO Pick Of The Day - PDF Optimizing for Better Search Results
Ping Services - Best Places
Seo How To or How Not To
Matt Cutts - Man Against Spam
Bing Webmaster Tools - Finally Worth Using

2011 Blog Posts:

Easy Way To Submit Website Sitemaps
Google Page Rank - How To Stay On Top
Directories - Waste of time?
Fast Visibility
How To Earn Money By Blogging? - Lesson 2
How To Earn Money By Blogging? - Lesson 1

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