Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Twitter promoting is a joke - No SEO Value

I've been on a Twitter all day to find out some new quality tips & tricks how to improve my sites. To be honest: There is absolutely no value with Twitter...or maybe I just don't get it?
I thought that the content was the king?
Still I see constant spam from the so called “SEO Experts” & “SEO companies”. I wouldn’t buy a service from a spammer? Would you?
I thought that with honest way you build up a name and trust?
Why does some add this to their SEO guide, if they have no plan to follow it?
I thought spamming was against Twitter rules?
Still I see dozens of bots sending out exactly the same tweets. I hide my Facebook friends if they update their status too often. I will hide and ignore any company that send out messages more than three times a day. I can bet, that I'm not the only one.

I thought marketing is about getting real contacts?
Do you send out robots to get your real life contacts too? Wasn’t it enough that you’ve sent out the auto generated crappy blogs that doesn’t make any sense, and nobody want to read? 
One more story about how to get rich on Twitter and I’m gonna lose it. I swear it.
Please prove me wrong, and give me a sign that there is a life on Twitter. 
Help me with who to follow. Thanks

Oh, and please read my guide how to get $1000/day on Twitter!  (just joking) :)

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