Tuesday, May 3, 2011

SEO logo - How To Make One For Free

Roaylty Free SEO Logo - How To Make One

SEO Logo - How To Make One (Photo)

I can't believe how many searches SEO Logo from Google. I don't know if there is an official one, but you can make one for yourself easily. It will take only few minutes, and it's royalty free...as it's yours!

Easy And Free Way To Make Your Own Logos:

Logo above was made out of "Post-It note", and newspaper behind it. Few strokes with coloured pencils, and SEO Logo is ready! Then take a photo of it, and add it to your favorite photo editing tool (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro etc.) and add some effects with plugins. There are free trials for both of the software available.

If you are looking out for some cool photo filters, check out Filter Forge. (It also has a free trial) It doesn't require mad skills to use, and you can make your customized logos easily!

Of course there are tons of others ways to create Search Engine Optimization logo, but this method is what I use all the time. :)
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