Thursday, September 23, 2010

Directories - Waste of time and money?

Website directories - Show I Use Them?

Back in 90's and early 00' directories was the thing, but now it's all about social media sites. What is the next big thing? I don't know...

but I know one thing for sure: It doesn't hurt to be in the web directories. Before you submit to any directories:

  1. Make sure that the descriptions & titles are for humans, not for bots
  2. Your site has a sitemap before submitting (Google: "sitemap.xml")
  3. All your website pages has a title, meta description & keywords.
  4. Use different descriptions & titles on each page.
  5. Do not spam or hide any keywords
      Next step is to wait, wait...........and wait! Rarely any directory will add your page instantly. Getting your site to directories might take up to 3months.

      Search engines will blacklist me if I submit my site on too many directories, because too many links apperears in the same time!
      If someone finds a cure to cancer, and people start linking to that site like crazy. Do you honestly think that Google will start blacklisting sites because of too many links?  Just don't spam your site with keywords, and other bad SEO tactics. If your site is 100% legal. I would not worry...
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