Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Add an HTML sitemap and increase your PageRank

Adding an HTML Sitemap can increase your PageRank

I added an HTML sitemap to two of my other blogs, and I was surprised that the month old blogs got a PR1 on their first Google updates. I thought it was just a lucky coincidence. Yet, I had to test it even more with one of my blogs that I started 2007, which didn’t have a Pagerank value at all! Well...I added an HTML sitemap, and bang! PR1 on the next Google update. I didn’t do anything else, and the site didn’t get any external linking.

Google Pagerank levels:

No value (weakest level)
PR10 (Highest level)

How did this happen?

1. Google gives much weight for the internal linking
2. All the older blog posts get crawled again thanks to sitemap
3. I did update some of the older blog posts, and Google thought that the blogs are regularly updated. I didn’t do this for the 2007 blog.
4. Stars were aligned perfectly

If you don’t believe about importance of HTML Sitemaps to your blog/website. Maybe you believe when someone from Google tells you?:

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