Monday, March 14, 2011

5 Good Reasons To Edit Old Blog Posts SEO Wise

Good Reasons why editing old blog posts is good for Search Engine Optimizations

Many times people stop blogging, because their blog didn’t get much of attention in first place. Reason of this is simple: Search Engines doesn’t rank your first posts too high, and sometimes Google and other search engines misses your posts entirely. It’s a shame, because most of the bloggers has put most effort on their first posts.

Just keep writing and you will get rewarded, here are some tips that will improve your ranking by editing your older topics.

Let's start with the list shall we...

1. Keep your posts updated:

Don’t forget to update your old blog posts. Some of the topics (technology) might get old fairly quickly, and using just few minutes of your time, you can make them new again. Usually you don’t have to edit the whole post, just need to add couple of additional lines, and that’s it! Fresh content with just a fraction of time you used on the original article!

2. Add Pictures

Pictures can make a huge difference. Not only they add extra coolness, they make Facebook links much more interesting (You gain much more viewers when you have a picture on your blog post). You also get more viewers via Image search (Google etc.), just remember to add “alt attributes” to your photos.

3. Link to your old posts

Remember to link to your older posts everytime you get a change. Just don’t over do it, or your posts starts look spammy. Linking to older posts can help Google to index them better, and better indexing is crucial to SEO.

4. Keywords and Labels

If your older posts don’t have any labels –> add them now! Some people say that Google ignores these, but I have found that your labels are indexed faster than your entire blog post. If you blog about “hot topics”, you want to add labels/keywords. With hot topics you need to act fast, and adding labels is something you don't want to miss.

5. Spelling

Correct all the spelling errors you can find. There are tons of spell checkers out there. Windows Mail software has built in spell checker, or you could use free office software like OpenOffice or LibreOffice. I doubt many people will link to your posts if they are filled with spelling errors.

Let me know your tips! :)

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