Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Google Doesn't Give a Shit About Your Content

Why would someone set up a regular website?

If you want to gain visitors to your site. Only way to do so, is to add a blog. You can set a new blog up with few clicks. Then you need to make three crappy blog posts to get your site indexed.

Since 2004 there has been no reason to set up a regular website. Google doesn't give a shit about your website, or the content that you have on your website. You gain much more visitors by making a new blog post instead, rather than trying to update your old pages.

I have a PR2 website with hundreds of pages unique content, and it doesn't get nearly as much visitors as any of my PR0 blogs. Yes, my site has been optimized for search engines, and it's fast, and pretty much ad free. It also gets regular updates.

My blogs are filled with ads, not too many backlinks (about 20x less), and not much original content. Still my blogs gets much more visitors, and higher search results.

I love Google.
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