Sunday, April 8, 2012

8 simple reasons why iHerb is the best affiliate network

8 simple reasons why iHerb is the best affiliate network

We are all looking for the best affiliate network. My favorite is iHerb. You may wonder why someone running a SEO blog is using an online health store as the main affiliate network? Let me tell you why:

Let's start with a quote from iHerb‘s rewards page, shall we:

“Recent data analysis, conducted in October 2011, found that iHerb customers referring 3 or more people over a year ago earned an average of $240.00. And the figure for customers referring 10 or more people was $640.00. “

How about setting up a new goal. One new referral per day...

1: Multilevel earning is the key

iHerb's referrals system works on four different levels aka multilevel. Once you have gained a new referral. You are getting 4% of each order he or she makes. Then the best part: If he or she shares up his/her coupon, you are getting 3% of each level 2 purchases their referrals make. Up to 4 levels!

How does this work:

4% from level 1 referrals
3% from level 2 referrals
2% from level 3 referrals
1% from level 4 referrals

I know multilevel affiliate networks has a bad reputation, but iHerb doesn't have any buying or resale requirements. You are not signing for so sort of monthly membership or anything else that takes your money away.

2. No country limitations - You can get new referrals from all around the globe!

I have no idea, if there are any other multi-level referral programs that will work internationally. I'm getting referrals from USA, Finland, Croatia, Ukraine, China....

3. No website - No worries

If you don't have a website. You can still get income from iHerb reward system. Just pass the code with method that works best for you.

With the coupon code system, you don’t have to worry about customer using your links.

Here are some ways how to get new referrals:

- Using your coupon code as web forum signature (if it's not against website rules)
- Share your discount coupon to your friends, neighbors, family, soccer team...
- Have large social networks around you? Make sure you use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, MySpace...
- Stick your coupon to bulletin boards
- When sending emails to your friend, Use your coupon as your signature (don’t spam. It's against iherb's rules)

4. Getting your ads blocked - No problem

With Google Adsense your ads can be blocked completely. With iherb it's nearly impossible, as you can build custom links and text + you design your banners by yourself. Make sure you don't name your banners as "adbanner.jpg" etc.

5. Health products are great!

Once you have made your first order from iHerb, you can give first hand experiences about iHerb to your friends, family etc. It's always easier to recommend a service you use yourself. I have made many orders from iHerb myself, and I won't be stopping. They have great discount prices, and service. I would be buying products from them, even if I wouldn't get any benefit from their reward system. How can you beat that?

6. Not having a health or medical blog or website?

Who wouldn't need health products? I'm running various websites, and never felt like "health niche" would limit getting new referrals. I think it might be just another way around. You just need to be more creative with your ads. You can use the same links with all of your sites.

7. New campaigns regularly

There are new discounts and campaigns every now and then. Most of the campaigns will help you to gain new referrals more easily. All the iHerb coupons have the same benefits and value.

8. iHerb reviews! Best just got better

As April, 2012 iHerb reward system just got better:

"The more reviews you write on your iHerb "MyPage," and the more helpful they are, the higher are the chances that new visitors to iHerb will see your page--and use your coupon code to place their first iHerb order. Earn valuable rewards: We have attached your coupon code to your reviews; so, if a new customer visits iHerb for the first time and clicks on any of your reviews, your coupon will be applied to the shopping cart automatically! "

Think about Amazon's review system, if you would gain rewards from it!

New to iHerb? Visit at, and when you make your first order with a coupon code YUY952 - you will get a $5 discount from your first order! When your order is complete, you will then get your own coupon that you can start sharing with your friends!

Friendly reminder: Before starting make sure you have read FAQ and Terms & Conditions carefully. This applies on any affiliate network!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

4 things that are blocking your affiliate marketing success

If your affiliate marketing career is slowing down - Check these 4 tips!

Some basic tips to help you to succeed better with your affiliate marketing career:

1. Money - Not ready to spend money to gain money

I was first against spending any money with online affiliate marketing. I thought I could do everything free myself. "It’s online, how hard can it be?", but after seeing
results after buying some services. I have to admit that I wasted couple of good years trying to do everything manually. Lesson learned.

When you are beginning your career on online affiliate marketing. There are many pros that are making money online, and who are more than happy to help "newbies" to gain success. Of course, this service doesn’t come free. Check out services like fiverr to find people that will boost your career. Read the reviews, and join discussion forums. Always trying to learn from the pros (it’s not always easy to find who really is making some income).

Be careful what you are buying. You don’t want to waste your money buying EBooks that are promising high income in short time. Only way to make "fast and easy money", is to write a guide promising you just that.

2. Giving up too early - Never too late to start over again

Success doesn’t come in one night. Don’t dream too big. Online marketing means long days in front of your computer, but it will get easier later on. Starting is always the hardest part!

You need to build up your social network, getting involved on web forums, building links, advertising. First it feels pointless, but you will notice at some point, that your are getting good in this! You’re article writing skills have been improved a lot since the beginning, you are getting new contacts faster, your are getting reputation from others. Bigger the network around you will grow, easier it will get.

Even if you think you have failed before, it's never too late to start again!

3. Having the wrong affiliate network

I’ve been using various affiliate networks since late 90’s. It took me good 10 years to find out what is the best affiliate network for me. What works on others, might not work with you. Always keep your eyes open on new ways to gain extra income. Just make sure you are using trusted services. This is where finding all the right discussion forums come handy.

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(external link)

4. Don't believe everything you read.

Don't get upset when you read things like:

Easy, fast, huge income, no work, fill forms, 300 dollars/hour, watch this video... 99,9% time this is not the way how people are making money online. I've seen them all. Affiliate marketing has a bad reputation thanks to this BS.

Install WOT (Web Of Trust) Of course it's not 100% accurate, but it will scrape of the most crap that is out there. It also free and does save plenty of your time.

Tired and bored? Visit, and get your 5 dollar discount from your first your order by visiting my link