Thursday, March 31, 2011

9 Free Web Tools To Analyze Your Site

Best Free SEO Tools To Analyze Your Webpage

If you are serious about getting your site the best Internet visibility. You can't miss these free SEO tools. Some of these tools also gives your site a backlink, and all you have to do is to analyze your site.

1. Woorank - Website Analysis & Website Marketing

Superb website analysis. Including Visitors, In-Site SEO, Off-Site SEO, Usability. If there is only free tool you are going to use. This is it!

2. Pear Analytics - Website Analyzer

SEO Analysis. With simple "cloud" type of results. Really nice design, and useful

3. Website Grader - Website SEO tool

Grade and review your website and blog. There is also a "Improve your grade" service, which is Free for 30 Days. Haven't tried the trial yet. Let me know if you have tested it! .

4. GoingUp - Website Analyzer

Diagnosis about your site URL, Title, Keywords, Meta, HTML tags. Also Backlinks details and much more. Fast and clean UI (User Interface).

5. WebSiteOptimization - Web Page Analyzer

Great way to check how many objects your site has. HTML, Images, CSS, Javascript, Multimedia and others.

6. AboutUs - We Know The Web

Home Page Analysis (Title & Headings, Links & Images, Search Engine Friendliness) and Web Presence analysis.

7. Alexa

Free traffic metrics, search analytics, demographics, and more for websites.

8. ScrubTheWeb - Free Meta Tag Analyzer

Check your meta tag. Also Web Page Visibility Score.

9. Your Suggestion


Google: Page Speed Online (blog post)

Always looking out for great free tools. Let me know your suggestion!

Links are all safe, and tested with tool (Web of Trust). Anyone searching for SEO advice should install it.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Best of SEO Links - Today's Picks

I've spend most of my day reading various tweets, and 99% of the tweets are all lies and marketing crap, but sometimes you land on to pages that are worth bookmarking.

Here is a list of sites I've found worth bookmarking

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Company Blog

10 Tips for Posting on Your Brand’s Facebook Page

109 Ways to Make Your Business Irresistible to the Media

SEO Checklist: 60 essential checks before launching a website

10 Reasons Your Site Isn’t Getting Enough Traffic (and How To Fix Each)

I'm still not a Twitter Fan. See my related post:

Twitter promoting is a joke - No SEO Value

Always looking out more people to follow on Twitter. Also taking suggestions who to follow.

Thanks again for reading my blog.
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Twitter promoting is a joke - No SEO Value

I've been on a Twitter all day to find out some new quality tips & tricks how to improve my sites. To be honest: There is absolutely no value with Twitter...or maybe I just don't get it?
I thought that the content was the king?
Still I see constant spam from the so called “SEO Experts” & “SEO companies”. I wouldn’t buy a service from a spammer? Would you?
I thought that with honest way you build up a name and trust?
Why does some add this to their SEO guide, if they have no plan to follow it?
I thought spamming was against Twitter rules?
Still I see dozens of bots sending out exactly the same tweets. I hide my Facebook friends if they update their status too often. I will hide and ignore any company that send out messages more than three times a day. I can bet, that I'm not the only one.

I thought marketing is about getting real contacts?
Do you send out robots to get your real life contacts too? Wasn’t it enough that you’ve sent out the auto generated crappy blogs that doesn’t make any sense, and nobody want to read? 
One more story about how to get rich on Twitter and I’m gonna lose it. I swear it.
Please prove me wrong, and give me a sign that there is a life on Twitter. 
Help me with who to follow. Thanks

Oh, and please read my guide how to get $1000/day on Twitter!  (just joking) :)

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Monday, March 21, 2011

How To Pick Up The Best Domain Name

Publishing your website and picking up the domain name

Before going online with your new website. Make sure you have the right name for it. Right domain name is a crucial part of search engine optimizations, and with these simple tips you can't go wrong:

Good domain name is a keyword rich

Domain name should contain at least few keywords related to your website/product/business. Just make sure that the keywords and the domain name makes sense. My blog has two keywords: Money and SEO + It also contains a sentence that someone would type in to Google "Money with SEO". It's short, it's simple, and makes whole lotta sense. Very effective. Of course the word "with" itself is not a very effective, but try "money with" or "with SEO" and your possibilities are endless. Some keywords get a higher value when used in sentence.

Make it easy to remember

Very long website name can be descriptive, but also going to be very painful to remember. If you do offline marketing, you want to keep your domain name short, simple and easy to remember. If you are doing your business mostly on Internet (no offline marking at all), and most of your visitors come from search engines. You can keep the domain name little longer. Good rule with everything is "K.I.S.S" (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

What domain name extension?

I would go with .com if the site is International (English), if you are doing local business (foreign countries), use country extension like, fr, fi....etc. You are getting much more attention from search engines that way. Also remember to use a meta language tag to get better local visibility.

Doman Registration Time

How long registration period you would choose? I'd say at least 2 years. Some search engines give more value to domains that will be around for a longer period of time. It's also cheaper to buy domain & hosting for a longer time. Saving money and time is always a good thing.

Before going online with your new website

Very important last questions: Would you click your own website address?
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

5 tips to keep your site exciting to visitors

5 tips for converting visitors to actions on your website

Author: wendy sutherland

So – your SEO and ads are working and you've got visitors coming to your site. How do you keep them there and get them to take action: contact you, leave a comment or buy your product?
  • 1. Make your site attractive. You have an average of eight seconds to grab your reader's attention before they skip off to another site, so you have to make your site compelling. Use images, lay the text out invitingly, and don't use too much text per page: 300-500 words is fine, but don't pad it out if you don't need to say that much. Keep the feel light and easy, even if you're dealing with really serious stuff. Have one page per "idea"; don't confuse people.
  • 2. Be personal. Think from the reader's point of view: picture your ideal customer in your mind (age, style, what s/he likes doing, where s/he lives, etc.) and write as though you're talking to him or her over a coffee Offer them ways to comment and stay in touch via social media. Make them feel they are important to your website and you value their opinion. After all you want them to come back or tell others about you.
  • 3.Tell readers what they want to know, and tell them fast. Your visitors have a problem they need solved, an itch they want scratched, an issue they require resolved. They don't want to know that your company was founded in 1923 and has served the citizens of Trentington-on-Sea faithfully through four reigns. They want to know whether you stock the product they're searching for or can give them the advice they need. Don't make them work for the information or they'll go elsewhere.
  • 4.Use good image descriptions If you have pictures of your stock on your site, make the descriptions attractive. Don't say exactly the same for (say) every pair of sheepskin boots you carry. Would you buy from a site that said "Sheepskin boot" or from one that said "Mid-calf sheepskin boot, available in brown, black, red and green. Slip your feet into a pair of these and you'll never want to take them off"? If it takes you over 500 words/page, don't worry: with lots of photos the page won't feel clunky.
  • 5. Offer something for free If you're trying to build a mailing list, and you should be, offer a freebie for their contact details (first name, surname and email as a minimum). Have a free report, a catalogue or something that they can download once they've registered. It doesn't have to be a big thing, but it does have to be something that people will want and preferably related to your business.
  • 6. Make it easy for your visitors to do what you want them to do. Put your contact details everywhere, not just in the small print at the bottom of the page. Have a link to your contact or order form on every page. Use phrases like "Click here", "Contact us today", "Order now" – strong action words that get results. It sounds really simple but you will be amazed how many websites you have to search to find contact information or can quickly grasp what the site is about. If you have the visitors coming to your website but are not getting much from them it might be time to re-visit your website designer and think about a redesign to help achieve more after all your competitors might be doing it already.
Article Source:
About the Author

Wendy Sutherland is an experienced Trainer, Web Designer, Social Media Marketer. Currently running her own business and supporting customers to achieve more with their online presence.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Follow Up - 5 More Ways To Use Old Blog Posts

Another 5 Good Reasons To Use Your Old Blogs Posts

I promised yesterday on Twitter to add 5 more tips how to use your old blog posts to get more visitors. I got some nice tips from other users as well.

Social Media

Maybe you wrote something before joining the social media sites. Share your older posts on Twitter, Facebook etc too,. I’d say never post your article more than once per social media site. I will personally ignore all sites that spam their article more than once. You will only hurt your reputation by spamming same links, and people will stop following you.

Link To Other Blogs

Did other blogger made a similar post. Write a comment and add link to your blog. He will more likely to allow your comment, or even edit his/her blog to include your link. This is a great way to create new contacts. Never use automated comment generator. You will only lose your money, and reputation.

Or you could do a pingback to his/her blog, by editing your older post. It is always cool to add links to other blogs too. Other bloggers use Search Analytics as much as you do, and If you bring them enough traffic. They will link back to you..

Use Titles and Subtitles

These are crucial and make sure you make them interesting, and remember to add keyword or two to the title. I’d always go for interesting rather than keyword filled.

Top lists

Create top lists from your older blogs. This is fast, easy and works 99% of time. People love top lists. Of course you need to have enough previous blog posts to create such lists.

When was the last time you wrote more than one interesting article a day? Would you follow an user that post dozens of messages a day?

Fresh Ideas

Read your older blogs and see if you can find fresh ideas. Maybe you could extend one article and do a follow up part? Create a video, and same time expand your blog to new media (Youtube)...

See my other 5 reasons to edit old blog posts - and why it's good SEO wise

Do you have even more good ways how to use your old blog posts? I'm listening.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Learning SEO on Twitter! Follow me!

Finally on Twitter!
I'm excited to see how Twitter helps my blog. I’m hoping to get more great contacts and help. If you have some nice Twitter stories to share. Let me know.
Follow Learning SEO Blog on Twitter, and submit your tips:

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5 Good Reasons To Edit Old Blog Posts SEO Wise

Good Reasons why editing old blog posts is good for Search Engine Optimizations

Many times people stop blogging, because their blog didn’t get much of attention in first place. Reason of this is simple: Search Engines doesn’t rank your first posts too high, and sometimes Google and other search engines misses your posts entirely. It’s a shame, because most of the bloggers has put most effort on their first posts.

Just keep writing and you will get rewarded, here are some tips that will improve your ranking by editing your older topics.

Let's start with the list shall we...

1. Keep your posts updated:

Don’t forget to update your old blog posts. Some of the topics (technology) might get old fairly quickly, and using just few minutes of your time, you can make them new again. Usually you don’t have to edit the whole post, just need to add couple of additional lines, and that’s it! Fresh content with just a fraction of time you used on the original article!

2. Add Pictures

Pictures can make a huge difference. Not only they add extra coolness, they make Facebook links much more interesting (You gain much more viewers when you have a picture on your blog post). You also get more viewers via Image search (Google etc.), just remember to add “alt attributes” to your photos.

3. Link to your old posts

Remember to link to your older posts everytime you get a change. Just don’t over do it, or your posts starts look spammy. Linking to older posts can help Google to index them better, and better indexing is crucial to SEO.

4. Keywords and Labels

If your older posts don’t have any labels –> add them now! Some people say that Google ignores these, but I have found that your labels are indexed faster than your entire blog post. If you blog about “hot topics”, you want to add labels/keywords. With hot topics you need to act fast, and adding labels is something you don't want to miss.

5. Spelling

Correct all the spelling errors you can find. There are tons of spell checkers out there. Windows Mail software has built in spell checker, or you could use free office software like OpenOffice or LibreOffice. I doubt many people will link to your posts if they are filled with spelling errors.

Let me know your tips! :)

Follow up: 5 More ways to use your old blog posts
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Top-5 Blogger Tips - Maximize Visibility

How To Get More Love To Your Blog

Five easy steps that will help your blog to get more love from search engines. This guide works best on Blogger (Blogspot), but all of these are relevant with Wordpress and other blogs too.

1. Blog Title - Short, Sweet and Simple

Title should be around 60 characters (Search engines usually show only up to 60 characters) and to contain keywords that your blog has. Title is one of the most important search engine search terms, and title "Welcome to my blog" isn't the most used search term.

You can edit your blog title from design –> Title (Blogger)

2. Blog Description - Make it interesting!

Write a short description what your site is about. Don't go over 160 characters. Write the description to humans (not for search engines) and don't fill it with nonsense. Nobody wants to click your site, if it has description that doesn't make any sense. You can write more about your blog to About Me section...See next point

Design –> Description (Blogger)

3. About Me

It's usually a good thing to tell something about yourself and goals of your blog. After all readers want to know that there is a real person behind your blog.

4. Blogroll - Extra value

Find other blogs that are similar to yours (topic wise) and add them to your Blogroll. With Blogroll you get a better pagerank (thanks to backlinking). I wouldn’t add famous blogs, focus on smaller blogs and you will get your site to their Blogroll much easier. Avoid adding autogenerated sites and blogs that are not on same the topic. You get extra value when using "preview snipped" on. Your site can be found from those keywords too!

Design -> Page elements -> Add a gadget –> Blogroll or Blog links (Blogger)

5. Labels - Never too late

If your older blog posts doesn't contain labels. You should add them now! Labels work as keywords to most search engines. They also help user to find similar topics from your previous blog posts more easily.

Remember to read my Blog post about "How To Make a Perfect Blog Post"
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Easy to find Page Rank, Social Bookmarks, Backlinks and more...

There are tons of free website analyzers and today I landed on one very cool analyzer:

You can easily find Page Ranking details, Syndications, Social Bookmarks, Validations, Indexed pages, Backlinks and Diagnosis of your domain.

Best of all....It's free!

Only minus side is that there is no subdomain support. format:
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