Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Follow Up - 5 More Ways To Use Old Blog Posts

Another 5 Good Reasons To Use Your Old Blogs Posts

I promised yesterday on Twitter to add 5 more tips how to use your old blog posts to get more visitors. I got some nice tips from other users as well.

Social Media

Maybe you wrote something before joining the social media sites. Share your older posts on Twitter, Facebook etc too,. I’d say never post your article more than once per social media site. I will personally ignore all sites that spam their article more than once. You will only hurt your reputation by spamming same links, and people will stop following you.

Link To Other Blogs

Did other blogger made a similar post. Write a comment and add link to your blog. He will more likely to allow your comment, or even edit his/her blog to include your link. This is a great way to create new contacts. Never use automated comment generator. You will only lose your money, and reputation.

Or you could do a pingback to his/her blog, by editing your older post. It is always cool to add links to other blogs too. Other bloggers use Search Analytics as much as you do, and If you bring them enough traffic. They will link back to you..

Use Titles and Subtitles

These are crucial and make sure you make them interesting, and remember to add keyword or two to the title. I’d always go for interesting rather than keyword filled.

Top lists

Create top lists from your older blogs. This is fast, easy and works 99% of time. People love top lists. Of course you need to have enough previous blog posts to create such lists.

When was the last time you wrote more than one interesting article a day? Would you follow an user that post dozens of messages a day?

Fresh Ideas

Read your older blogs and see if you can find fresh ideas. Maybe you could extend one article and do a follow up part? Create a video, and same time expand your blog to new media (Youtube)...

See my other 5 reasons to edit old blog posts - and why it's good SEO wise

Do you have even more good ways how to use your old blog posts? I'm listening.

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