Monday, March 7, 2011

Top-5 Blogger Tips - Maximize Visibility

How To Get More Love To Your Blog

Five easy steps that will help your blog to get more love from search engines. This guide works best on Blogger (Blogspot), but all of these are relevant with Wordpress and other blogs too.

1. Blog Title - Short, Sweet and Simple

Title should be around 60 characters (Search engines usually show only up to 60 characters) and to contain keywords that your blog has. Title is one of the most important search engine search terms, and title "Welcome to my blog" isn't the most used search term.

You can edit your blog title from design –> Title (Blogger)

2. Blog Description - Make it interesting!

Write a short description what your site is about. Don't go over 160 characters. Write the description to humans (not for search engines) and don't fill it with nonsense. Nobody wants to click your site, if it has description that doesn't make any sense. You can write more about your blog to About Me section...See next point

Design –> Description (Blogger)

3. About Me

It's usually a good thing to tell something about yourself and goals of your blog. After all readers want to know that there is a real person behind your blog.

4. Blogroll - Extra value

Find other blogs that are similar to yours (topic wise) and add them to your Blogroll. With Blogroll you get a better pagerank (thanks to backlinking). I wouldn’t add famous blogs, focus on smaller blogs and you will get your site to their Blogroll much easier. Avoid adding autogenerated sites and blogs that are not on same the topic. You get extra value when using "preview snipped" on. Your site can be found from those keywords too!

Design -> Page elements -> Add a gadget –> Blogroll or Blog links (Blogger)

5. Labels - Never too late

If your older blog posts doesn't contain labels. You should add them now! Labels work as keywords to most search engines. They also help user to find similar topics from your previous blog posts more easily.

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