Saturday, August 18, 2012

iHerb Rewards Guide - Learn more about iHerb Rewards program

iHerb's reward program

Iherb rewards website has been updated with a new video explaining their highly popular rewards program. More details about getting your own promotion code (referral), how to promote your own coupon to friends, family etc, multilevel earning system, and more:

iHerb Rewards Program:

iHerb's reward program is a great alternative to Google Adsense and Amazon Associates. I wrote more about it here: What is the best? Amazon, iHerb, Tradedoubler or Adsense

If you wish to learn more about iHerb. Check this blog post: 8 simple reasons why iHerb is the best affiliate network

$10 Iherb discount coupon:

Iherb has the $10 coupon offer available to new customers again:

"If you are currently an iHerb customer, let your friends & family know about the great value iHerb offers and instantly save them $10 on their first iHerb order of $40 or more. Plus, orders less than $40 will still receive $5 off!" 

Make your first order and get your referral code via this link.