Friday, March 1, 2013

25 Free website analyzers - Analyze your site

25 Search Engine Optimization tools to rate your website


If you are looking for ways to optimize your website. You might want to get help from these 25 totally free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analyzers (No download required, they are all web-based) . These tools are not in order, as it's hard to compare them against each other. Some of the sites even give you free backlinks, so there's pretty much nothing to lose, only to gain. :)

1. Woorank

2. Pear Analytics

3. Google Page Speed Online

4. GoingUp

5. WebSiteOptimization

6. AboutUs - We Know The Web

7. Alexa

8. ScrubTheWeb - Free Meta Tag Analyzer

9. Website Grader - Website SEO tool

10. Pingdom



13. SEOworkers


15. Submit Express


17. PageBoss

18. StatsCrop

19. Bing - Seo Analyzer

20. Free SEO Scorecard



23. PHP Jabbers



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