Sunday, March 20, 2011

5 tips to keep your site exciting to visitors

5 tips for converting visitors to actions on your website

Author: wendy sutherland

So – your SEO and ads are working and you've got visitors coming to your site. How do you keep them there and get them to take action: contact you, leave a comment or buy your product?
  • 1. Make your site attractive. You have an average of eight seconds to grab your reader's attention before they skip off to another site, so you have to make your site compelling. Use images, lay the text out invitingly, and don't use too much text per page: 300-500 words is fine, but don't pad it out if you don't need to say that much. Keep the feel light and easy, even if you're dealing with really serious stuff. Have one page per "idea"; don't confuse people.
  • 2. Be personal. Think from the reader's point of view: picture your ideal customer in your mind (age, style, what s/he likes doing, where s/he lives, etc.) and write as though you're talking to him or her over a coffee Offer them ways to comment and stay in touch via social media. Make them feel they are important to your website and you value their opinion. After all you want them to come back or tell others about you.
  • 3.Tell readers what they want to know, and tell them fast. Your visitors have a problem they need solved, an itch they want scratched, an issue they require resolved. They don't want to know that your company was founded in 1923 and has served the citizens of Trentington-on-Sea faithfully through four reigns. They want to know whether you stock the product they're searching for or can give them the advice they need. Don't make them work for the information or they'll go elsewhere.
  • 4.Use good image descriptions If you have pictures of your stock on your site, make the descriptions attractive. Don't say exactly the same for (say) every pair of sheepskin boots you carry. Would you buy from a site that said "Sheepskin boot" or from one that said "Mid-calf sheepskin boot, available in brown, black, red and green. Slip your feet into a pair of these and you'll never want to take them off"? If it takes you over 500 words/page, don't worry: with lots of photos the page won't feel clunky.
  • 5. Offer something for free If you're trying to build a mailing list, and you should be, offer a freebie for their contact details (first name, surname and email as a minimum). Have a free report, a catalogue or something that they can download once they've registered. It doesn't have to be a big thing, but it does have to be something that people will want and preferably related to your business.
  • 6. Make it easy for your visitors to do what you want them to do. Put your contact details everywhere, not just in the small print at the bottom of the page. Have a link to your contact or order form on every page. Use phrases like "Click here", "Contact us today", "Order now" – strong action words that get results. It sounds really simple but you will be amazed how many websites you have to search to find contact information or can quickly grasp what the site is about. If you have the visitors coming to your website but are not getting much from them it might be time to re-visit your website designer and think about a redesign to help achieve more after all your competitors might be doing it already.
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Wendy Sutherland is an experienced Trainer, Web Designer, Social Media Marketer. Currently running her own business and supporting customers to achieve more with their online presence.
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