Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fiverr Gig Review - Improving Wordpress Blog Score

Speed up your WordPress Site in 24 hours - Fiverr Gig Review

If you are looking for a gig that boost your Wordpress performance. I can easily recommend this gig on Fiverr:  “I will speed up your WordPress in 24hr”. Nothing but great results.

Here is what happened to my High Score Blog:

Results after the Fiverr Gig:

Google PageSpeed Insights Score:

Mobile score: 68/100 -> 86/100
Desktop score: 78/100 – > 96/100

GT Metrix:

PageSpeed Score: 89% -> 99%
YSlow Score: 70% -> 87%
Web Page Load Time 1.7s -> 1.3s

Pingdom Website Speed Test:

Performance grade: B 82 -> B 88
Website Load Time: 3.1s -> 0,7s



Speed got boosted in every benchmark! Page used for the test was Iherb discount code blog post. With a static page it's easier to benchmark performance.


I'm really impressed with the results. Usually the Fiverr SEO gigs is just "take the money and run" kinda spam work, but this is the real deal. I rarely purchase anything from Fiverr, but this time I'm glad I did. Saved me a ton of work and time.

Source: High Score Blog