Thursday, April 21, 2011

Google Wordpress Plugin for Webmaster Tools verification

Google Site Verification Plugin - New Wordpress Extension

Google has released their own(?) Wordpress blog extension for Webmasters with self-hosted Wordpress blogs. You can now verify your Wordpress blog to Google's Webmaster Tools service by using "Google Site Verification Plugin". Plugin (extension) only works on self-hosted Wordpress blogs, not with blogs hosted on (aka free Wordpress blogs)

After you have verified your blog, you can access your blog statistics and information on Google Webmaster Tools.

Download: Google Site Verification Plugin (Wordpress Extensions)

Source: Google Webmaster Central Blog

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to make a perfect blog post...

Blog post that is a search engine friendly

how make a blog post image
Real post-it note - Digicam photo. :)

I don't follow the latest SEO trends. I write about what I have seen that actually works. Google search algorithm has over 200 variables that will determine your PageRank, and every Search Engine Optimization expert can only guess what works, and what doesn't. You can call this blog post by my best guess about

How to make your blog post shine – 11 easy steps:

1. Focus on content, not about your article length. Some SEO experts claim that it's good to write 500-700 words, but it really doesn't matter if your article length is 50, 500, or even 5000 words. As long as your article is fresh and original.

I have a good example of this. I wrote about Google's Page Speed Online tool, right after when it was released (on my Finnish SEO blog). My blog post is currently ranked at number 4!, when you search "Page Speed Online" on  Numbers 1 & 2 are by Google.

It wasn't a long post, but the content was fresh and original. Pretty much this inspired me to write this whole blog post.

2. Choose a perfect title. I usually pick a title that someone would use as phrase to find my blog from search engines. If you really want to stuff those precious keywords to your title, make sure that they are at the beginning, AND make sure it doesn't look like your topic was written for search engines.

3. Add just one H1 title tag.. Once again some SEO experts say that Google doesn't pay attention to H1 tags. All I can say is....Thanks! More of these SEO experts and they make my blogs rank easier and higher.

4. Add H2 title tags (subheadings) between paragraphs. It helps a blog reader to find the content they want easier, and you to get more attention from search engines. This is what I call win-win situation. I don't read long blog posts without subheadings. Do you?

5. Add keywords under your blog post (aka labels). With Blogspot you can add total of 200 characters (limit). Blogspot is owned by Google, so I think it's safe to add 200 characters with Wordpress too. Just make sure that those labels/keywords can be found from your blog post. Don't edit your blog post just to fill all those different keywords, or it will look spammy and stupid.

6. Add link(s) to your previous blog post(s). Just remember to stay on topic. Also edit your older blog posts, and add link to this new post. I do this all the time with great results!

7. Add picture(s) with descriptive alt tags. If you don't have a perfect pic to go with your blog post: You should think about making one. I made custom pic to this blog post in few mins. I simply wrote a text I wanted to a post-it note, and then took a picture of it with my digicam. Added few photo filters, and that was it! I'm gonna plan to make more of those. Simple, free and easy!

8. Fix your spelling errors with your fav word processing tool. Little things can take your blog to the next level!

9. If your blog post is long: Always split it to multiple parts, and publish them separately, and follow the steps 2-8, and 10-11. Never publish one long blog post! Or it’s just a wasted opportunity.

10. Now you are ready to publish your blog post

11.  Last step is to start linking. Add links to your blog post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon. Just remember to write a different lead text to each link.

Remember to read my Top 5 blogger tips to maximize your blog visibility

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Google: Page Speed Online - New SEO Service Now Available

Get Better Google PageRank With Faster Web Pages

Google now offers a Page Speed Online web service via Google Labs. You can analyze your site and see how good your website is optimized speed wise. You get also tips how to improve your site.

Everyone who care about their page ranking should check it out. Faster pages = Better ranking. As always with good SEO "Keep It Simple, Stupid."

Site speed is one of the SEO factors that affects page ranking. Read more about it on Matt Cutts "Gadgets, Google, and SEO"- blog.

You should also see the "9 Other Free SEO Web Tools" I recently blogged about
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