Sunday, February 9, 2014

Vitacost vs Iherb - Two online health stores with coupons

Vitacost vs Iherb - Which one to join? Alternative affiliate ways to website owners

First of all. If you only here for the Vitacost and iHerb discount coupons, you can get them here:

$10.00 Vitacost discount coupon code, you can get it via this link.
$10.00 Iherb discount coupon code, you can get it via this link or use coupon code YUY952

If you aren't familiar with the Vitacost or Iherb, they are both large online health stores that offers supplements and other health products with affordable prices. Both of these networks offers their rewards program for their customers, if you are running a health related blog or a website, those might be worth the look. 

Why iHerb is such a great place to shop supplements:

+ Cheaper shipping ($4 international)  + free US shipping on orders over $20.00  (Vitacost has $8.99 international shipping and free US shiping on orders over $49.00)
+ Free product samples (worldwide) (Vitacost only have free samples for US customers)
+ Large Selection
+ Iherb Rewards Program ("MLM" that works to up to 4 levels)
+ Different valued coupons (first timers can pick between 5 dollar coupon (under $20.00 orders) and 10 dollar coupon (over $40.00 orders))
+ International customers can make more "heavy" orders with cheap delivery method (4.00lbs vs Vitacost’s 3.00lbs)

Why Vitacost is such a great place to shop supplements:

+ Usually cheaper supplements and other products
+ Large Selection
+ $10.00 coupon usable with $30+ orders (vs iHerb’s $40.00+)
+ Great amount of deals and coupons
+ Vitacost Rewards (get $10.00 for each customer you refer)

iherb coupon info | vitacost coupon info


  1. I have personal experience of buying from both and I can say that is so much better (at least four times better) in terms of shipping to overseas than With, they use DHL Global Mail where the rates start at $12.99 for any weight up to 3.6 lbs. With, they use DHL Express-International where the rates start at $10.00 for any weight up to 6 lbs. The last time I ordered from, it took me only four days (ordered on Monday and delivered on Friday) to receive my order. Not only is DHL Global Mail much slower (as of 1st December 2014, it is now taking 18 days and counting for me to receive my items, though I can track my order online), I can't understand why it is more expensive than DHL Express-International, which allows any weight up to 6 lbs for $10.00 and I receive my items within the same week. I really don't know how can have such good international shipping rates from DHL but it certainly doesn't augur well for! As a result, I don't think I'll buy from in future.

    PS. used to have shipping rates starting from $4 not that long ago, but it looks like they have raised prices to the current $10.00. Nevertheless, their shipping rates is still much better than

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