Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fiverr Gig Review - Improving Wordpress Blog Score

Speed up your WordPress Site in 24 hours - Fiverr Gig Review

If you are looking for a gig that boost your Wordpress performance. I can easily recommend this gig on Fiverr:  “I will speed up your WordPress in 24hr”. Nothing but great results.

Here is what happened to my High Score Blog:

Results after the Fiverr Gig:

Google PageSpeed Insights Score:

Mobile score: 68/100 -> 86/100
Desktop score: 78/100 – > 96/100

GT Metrix:

PageSpeed Score: 89% -> 99%
YSlow Score: 70% -> 87%
Web Page Load Time 1.7s -> 1.3s

Pingdom Website Speed Test:

Performance grade: B 82 -> B 88
Website Load Time: 3.1s -> 0,7s



Speed got boosted in every benchmark! Page used for the test was Iherb discount code blog post. With a static page it's easier to benchmark performance.


I'm really impressed with the results. Usually the Fiverr SEO gigs is just "take the money and run" kinda spam work, but this is the real deal. I rarely purchase anything from Fiverr, but this time I'm glad I did. Saved me a ton of work and time.

Source: High Score Blog

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Vitacost vs Iherb - Two online health stores with coupons

Vitacost vs Iherb - Which one to join? Alternative affiliate ways to website owners

First of all. If you only here for the Vitacost and iHerb discount coupons, you can get them here:

$10.00 Vitacost discount coupon code, you can get it via this link.
$10.00 Iherb discount coupon code, you can get it via this link or use coupon code YUY952

If you aren't familiar with the Vitacost or Iherb, they are both large online health stores that offers supplements and other health products with affordable prices. Both of these networks offers their rewards program for their customers, if you are running a health related blog or a website, those might be worth the look. 

Why iHerb is such a great place to shop supplements:

+ Cheaper shipping ($4 international)  + free US shipping on orders over $20.00  (Vitacost has $8.99 international shipping and free US shiping on orders over $49.00)
+ Free product samples (worldwide) (Vitacost only have free samples for US customers)
+ Large Selection
+ Iherb Rewards Program ("MLM" that works to up to 4 levels)
+ Different valued coupons (first timers can pick between 5 dollar coupon (under $20.00 orders) and 10 dollar coupon (over $40.00 orders))
+ International customers can make more "heavy" orders with cheap delivery method (4.00lbs vs Vitacost’s 3.00lbs)

Why Vitacost is such a great place to shop supplements:

+ Usually cheaper supplements and other products
+ Large Selection
+ $10.00 coupon usable with $30+ orders (vs iHerb’s $40.00+)
+ Great amount of deals and coupons
+ Vitacost Rewards (get $10.00 for each customer you refer)

iherb coupon info | vitacost coupon info

Friday, August 16, 2013

iherb coupon code YUY952 & affiliate program

Info about the iherb coupons and iherb affiliate program called "Iherb Rewards"

For some reason this SEO blog is highly popular place to search iHerb coupons. It's always nice to know you rank high on Google with various keywords. Anyway. Here's some info regarding the iHerb coupon codes:

Best Iherb coupon?

Congratulations your search is over! All the iherb coupons have the same value and benefits. While you are here. Why not use my coupon? Visit the link and it gets added automatically! Simple as that!

Coupon code discounts:  

$5.00 off from orders under $40.00, and $10.00 off from orders over $40.00 (+ FREE US shipping).

Remember to pick one free item from the freebies section!

Please notice:

Every coupon have the same discounts! There's no expiration date! You can only use it with your first order only!

Iherb affiliate network:

Every iHerb customer will join their "affiliate program" automatically (program is called iHerb rewards), when they make their first purchase. Iherb affiliate program works by coupon codes, each customer will receive unique code that they can share to their friends and family.

When you share your coupon, you will start to earn iHerb rewards. You can either use the rewards for purchases or when you have 300 dollars worth rewards, you can ask them to send you a check, or wire transfer the money to your bank account.

You need to make your first purchase to join iherb rewards! 

Countries where Iherb is available?

Iherb works in almost every country. Iherb ships to over 150+ countries and it has own dedicated pages for China, Russia, Japan, Spain and Korea!

Visit iHerb: Chinese | Korean | Japanese | Spanish | Russian

Visit iHerb international page.

Iherb ships to over 150+ countries. Including. Australia, Austria, Argentina, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom…and many more.

Visit their website for more info.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Adfly - Make money with links - Does it work?

Another affiliate network review - Adf.ly - Best for non-website owners?

Website earning starts from the right affiliate network. There are plenty of different ad-networks to choose from. Google Adsense (the most popular), and all the CPA/PPC networks including Amazon, ClickBank, iHerb, LinkShare, Shareasale...just to name a few. Every affiliate network has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some networks work without a website, and you can start making money from home. In some rare cases you don't even need an Internet connection (iHerb), but with Ad.fly, you can do good without a website.

Adfly - Money earning in a new way?

You get money when you share your shortened website links on the Internet. It does sound really easy, but watch the catch? Adf.ly isn't really enjoying (currently) high reputation within social media users. Thanks to huge amount of spammers. Currently Adfly bans users more easily, and you can report the spammers too.

I wasn't the biggest fan at first, but I have to admit that it's a great concept. Everybody share links these days, and why not give users some credit for it? It also allows website owners to make money in a new way, by shortening their external links.

Ways to make money with Adf.ly?

Earning is pretty simple. You have two options to get income with Adf.ly

#1 Share your adf.ly links - Just shorten up website addresses with Adfly tools, and share them on social media etc..

#2 Money by referrals - "The adf.ly referral program - Refer Adfly affiliate network to other users, and you get 20% of their earnings for life!

Yes, you can use both methods.

How to join and is it free?

Joining for Adfly network is free, and easy. You can click here to join Adf.ly.

If you have high number of followers/fans/friends on social media, I'd check out what the Adfly has to offer. After all, there's nothing to lose, as it's free to join..

Click here to join Adf.ly

Friday, March 1, 2013

25 Free website analyzers - Analyze your site

25 Search Engine Optimization tools to rate your website


If you are looking for ways to optimize your website. You might want to get help from these 25 totally free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analyzers (No download required, they are all web-based) . These tools are not in order, as it's hard to compare them against each other. Some of the sites even give you free backlinks, so there's pretty much nothing to lose, only to gain. :)

1. Woorank

2. Pear Analytics

3. Google Page Speed Online

4. GoingUp

5. WebSiteOptimization

6. AboutUs - We Know The Web

7. Alexa

8. ScrubTheWeb - Free Meta Tag Analyzer

9. Website Grader - Website SEO tool

10. Pingdom

11. Website-seo-tools.com

12. Visible.net

13. SEOworkers

14. Check-domains.com/

15. Submit Express

16. Website-seo-tools.com

17. PageBoss

18. StatsCrop

19. Bing - Seo Analyzer

20. Free SEO Scorecard

21. Webseoanalytics.com

22. SEOcentro.com

23. PHP Jabbers

24. Boostability.com

25. SEOgoogleguru.com

Getting tired and bored sitting in front of your computer all day? Remember to take your daily vitamins:

Check out  iHerb.com, and get up to $10 discount from your first order iHerb order with discount coupon (coupon goes into your shopping cart automatically via link).

iHerb.com affiliate challenge - March, 2013 + iHerb Coupon

Iherb.com affiliate challenge - March 2013 + Discount coupon code

It's been over three months since the last iHerb rewards contest. If you are already an Iherb customer, this is a great month to share you coupon code to your friends:

Here's the info from iHerb.com rewards page:

March 2013 Bonus Challenge: Double Your Earnings and We’ll Double them Again!

The Criteria:

This month’s challenge requires meeting two important criteria:

You must earn twice the amount of Rewards credit (or more) in March, 2013, than you did in February, 2013.
You must earn a minimum of $200.00 in March.

If you meet both of the above criteria, we will double your March earnings!

Note: If you double the amount you earned in February, but do not meet the minimum $200.00 in March, you will not receive the bonus. Also, if you reach the $200.00 minimum but do not double the amount you earned in February, you will not receive a bonus.

A Few Examples:

In February, you earned $100.00, and in March you earn $200.00 (or more). We will double your final March earnings to $400.00!

In February, you earned $50.00, and in March $1500.00. We will double your earnings to $3000.00!

In February, you earned $1000.00 and in March, $1500.00. We cannot double your earnings, as you did not double your amount.

In February, you earned $20.00 and in March, $80.00. We cannot double your earnings, as you did not meet the minimum criteria of $200.00.

Check Your Earnings:

To see how much you earned in February, sign in to your iHerb Rewards Account, and click on “Activity.”

Click on Promoting Tips to read more about our new feature: “Share your cart,” and our updated page of free, downloadable print-friendly promotional materials.

To make sure all orders are finalized, we will do the final comparison and bonus calculation on May 15th, 2013.

Thank you for your interest and good luck!

Please Also Note: Even if you do not qualify for the bonus, your efforts will not go unrewarded. You will continue to earn your ongoing rewards on every qualifying referral."

Looking out for the best Iherb coupon code? Why not use ours (all the discount coupons are valued the same) – THANKS!


iHerb Coupon: Save up to $10.00 off from your 1st iHerb order and get FREE! US shipping on orders over $40+